The CBSE (Retail Price $2,999) comes with all the great features listed below. The CBE version (Retail Price 2,547.00) comes with all the same features except no scope, rings or bases. The CBSE PH (Retail Price $4,122) chambered in 505 Gibbs.


All barrels come standard as 24" long, match grade hand lapped 100% stainless steel that is Cerakoted Tungsten Grey to make it impervious to the elements and also includes the Montana Rifle Flats Muzzle Brake for decreased felt recoil. Barrels for calibers 22-250 Rem Hunter, 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag are standard #2 sporter contour. Barrels for calibers 22-250 Varmint and 375 H&H are standard with #5 sporter contour. Standard twist is 1-9 for both the 22-250 Hunter and 22-250 Varmint, 1-9.5 for 7mm Rem Mag, 1-10 for 300 Win Mag, and 1-12 for 375 H&H.

Three Position Safety

Three Position Safety to help keep you safe.  SAFE - SAFE UNLOAD - FIRE


Flats Muzzle Break

The Flats Muzzle Break for a major decrease in felt recoil.  Features six angled ports with two 90 degree ports which help block blowback.


Carbon Fiber Kevlar Re-Enforced Stock

Carbon Fiber Kevlar Re-Enforced Stock in Colorado Buck's signature color, Caramel Brown with Black Spider Webbing


Three Cartridge Magazine

Spring loaded magazine holds three cartridges.


Quick Release Magazine Door

The Quick Release Magazine Door makes unloading the magazine quick and easy.  Also features the Colorado Buck logo.


Mule Deer Foundation Imprint

Colorado Buck's favorite conservation organization is the Mule Deer Foundation and every Colorado Buck Rifle is proud to bear the Mule Deer Foundation Logo.


Nikon Monarch 3 Custom XR Turret Scope

The CBSE version comes standard with a Nikon Monarch 3 4-16x42mm Custom XR Turret scope.

TDK Safaris - $1,500 Coupon

$1,500.00 African Safari Credit to apply towards a 5-day or greater hunt booked with TDK Safaris. Enclosed with your delivered rifle will be an African Safari Credit certificate, register your purchase with TDK Safaris as directed and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

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