Raised in a hunting family, I was brought up in a magical world for a young boy who simply loved to be outside. I was introduced to hunting largely by my uncles C.A., and Teed Goforth. Both accomplished houndsmen, they guided for bear and mountain lion in Northern California and Southern Oregon. I began guiding hunters back in the early 70's, guiding my first successful hunter at age 12, all by myself, I still remember that great feeling of accomplishment. From that day forward, I never wanted to do anything else!


When away from my uncles my faithful and always devoted Mother took me hunting! 5 am alarms and hot black coffee were the norm for me and mom all throughout each hunting season. As a teenager, I supplied the family with the meat supply almost in it's entirety.


I guided for many different outfitters throughout the Rockies and in Texas. I ran bear and mountain lion hunts for other outfitters with my hounds and became quite well know as one of the best houndsman around. With each outfitter I worked with and for, I learned the goods and the not so goods of the outfitting business.  In 1985 I felt it was time to put that knowledge to better use and I started my own outfitting business - Rocky Top Outfitters.


I made my living hunting bear and mountain lion with my hounds, but I enjoyed hunting elk, mule deer, sheep, antelope, whitetail deer and hogs also. I ended up on one of the best elk ranches on the planet - Cielo Vista Ranch - and guided hundreds of clients to some of the biggest elk of their lives.


For years I had been filming my bear and mountain lion hunts and enjoyed some success selling VHS tapes of my hunting adventures. I did my first TV show with David Hale and Harold Knight of Knight and Hale game calls, it was their first elk hunt and David took a 363 Bull! From there I began hosting other TV shows which returned some great results and success. Then, after being prodded constantly, I started my own show titled "The Outfitter" with the help of some dear friends and hunting clients Sam and Ruth McCuin. The show progressed and won several awards - Best Editing, Viewer Favorite Hunting Show, and the most rewarding Viewer Favorite on Camera Personality.


This opened up hunting opportunities around the world and out of those opportunities was borna new show titled Where in the World is Colorado Buck. The show has been seen and viewed by millions of viewers and is currently available in nearly a dozen countries around the world, and is still going strong as we head in to the 2015 season.


The success that I have been fortunate enough to have can be acredited to a wonderful support group of family, cameramen, editors, friends, sponsors and most of all... God.

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